Osborne Pivot Feeder

SKU: FF-00S200
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The Osborne Pivot Feeder maximizes sow intake with minimal feed waste! Revolutionary and economical, this feeder saves money by easily retro-fitting to existing sow bowls.

The main body of this ad-libitum sow feeder is constructed of stainless steel and requires one Pivot Feeder Lever. Numerous options of levers are available, ordered separately.


Catalog Number FE-00S200
Model Number S200
Style Stainless Steel
Feeder Body Height 8.25 in. (20.9 cm)
Required Components One Pivot Feeder Lever (KF-S20001, KF-S20002, KF-S20003, KF-S20004, KF-S20005, or KF-S20006)
Optional Components Pivot Feeder Plastic Hopper Kit