Agri-Aide Livestock Ventilation Systems

Agri-Aide Ventilation

Agri-Aide Ventilation is the most powerful and effective ventilation system for hog barns, pig production facilities, and other livestock housing bar none.

Osborne Industries brings you barn ventilation solutions based on over 40 years of practical experience creating comfortable, productive livestock environments in all types of farm buildings.

Total Ventilation System
We offer equipment options to match any ventilation requirement. You can count on our experience with all types of buildings and animals to help you develop a complete ventilation plan or improve or maintain your existing system. Whatever your needs, we can deliver an integrated combination of exhaust fans, fresh air inlets, circulation fans, and reliable automatic controls that perfectly match your building and the animals you manage. Our engineering and manufacturing systems meet the strict ISO 9001 international quality standard, and each Agri-Aide component is built to provide long-lasting, trouble-free service.