FIRE Pig Performance Testing System

FIRE Performance Testing System

Osborne’s FIRE® (Feed Intake Recording Equipment) System automates the measurement of individual animal daily feed intake and other pig performance characteristics of growing animals. FIRE is the acknowledged standard for pig performance testing at commercial facilities and universities worldwide: it is currently used by more genetics companies than any other system.


Testing with FIRE® accurately simulates commercial production to provide the most accurate results of pig performance.

FIRE Performance Testing System

Developed nearly 25 years ago, Osborne’s FIRE® System can help identify the most efficient animals to improve herds for genetic selection. Multiple independent tests and user experience confirms the FIRE Systems accuracy in testing and commercial feeding simulation. It has been successfully used to test the performance of pigs, sheep, and goats.

Osborne is pleased to introduce the all new Mark IV model of FIRE Feeders with major improvements to accuracy and useability.

Using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, animals are identified at the FIRE Station, allowing FIRE to assign all measurements to records. A sensitive load cell continually weighs the trough and feed, allowing FIRE to record the time and duration of each unique visit, along with the weight of feed consumed. The information is transferred to your computer in real-time and can be used to generate reports or studied in relation to environmental, genetic, and nutrition variables.

System Components
FIRE® Feeder
Mark IV FIRE Feeder
FIRE® Protective Races
Protective Race
WinFIRE RT Software
Manages data collected by FIRE for management decisions
How It Works

FIRE FeederEach FIRE Feeder in a pen accommodates 12 to 15 animals. Because FIRE uses RFID technology to identify animals, each animal is tagged with an RFID tag. An antenna inside the FIRE Feeder identifies animals at the feeder by their unique RFID. Feed intake of each individual animal is recorded as it visits, and when equipped with an ACCU-ARM® Weigh Race, the individual weight of the animal is recorded. The WinFIRE RT Software maintains a database of information collected in real-time from FIRE for each individual animal. WinFIRE RT allows users to make sound management and financial decisions.

Because FIRE automates the measurement of both feed intake and growth performance, older, manual methods of testing animals is completely eliminated. Testing with FIRE faithfully simulates actual commercial production practice. FIRE has been successfully used with pigs, goats, and sheep.

Features & Benefits

Osborne’s FIRE Performance Testing System creates transparency and efficiency in an industry that faces challenges when it comes to identifying superior animals. This system shows how each animal performs, which enables a continuous and accurate optimization of genetics. With the FIRE Performance Testing System you will obtain a clear insight into the breeding lines and potential of the boar-sow combinations that lead to the most efficient animals.

Osborne’s FIRE® Performance Testing System records animal growth and feed intake, which are among the main factors in the pig breeding sector today. This product’s technology records individual weight and feed intake in group housing, and registers it on the basis of individual animal identification. When equipped with an ACCU-ARM® Weigh Race, daily median animal weights, weight gain, and feed-to-gain efficiencies are identified. These weights can be measured on a daily basis or be registered over time, accurately identifying the differences in growth and feed intake between animals that provide clear, overall results. FIRE successfully helps to identify superior performing animals.

  • Completely automates the measurement of individual feed intake and growth performance
  • Accurate commercial production simulation
  • More accurate than manual testing animals in single pens
  • Eliminates data collection errors and operator bias
  • Provides diagnostics for animal health and behavior
  • Effectively tests pigs, sheep, and goats
  • Separate, sensitive load cells accurately weigh feed and animals
  • Strong construction for years of use


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