Big Wheel Ad-Lib Sow Feeders

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Osborne single-space ad-libitum lactation feeders for sows maximize feed intake while dramatically reducing waste. Designed for farrowing stalls or testing individual animals, the proven mechanical-flow system makes these feeders superior to any other feeder designed for single pigs. High performance animals like sows stay in top condition because fresh feed is always available to match their individual eating schedules.

How It Works

Sows turn a multi-spoke feed wheel in the bottom of the self-cleaning feed trough. A feed sweep, located inside the bottom of the hopper and attached to the feed wheel, sweeps feed out of the hopper. Feed falls through the center hole in the hopper into the trough, where the feed wheel dispenses it to the pigs. Feed stops flowing when pigs stop moving the feed wheel, radically reducing waste.

Features & Benefits
  • Fresh feed always available 24/7 so sows stay in top condition
  • Self-cleaning trough with no corners for feed to accumulate
  • Durable and rugged design for years of useful life
  • Track consumption rates with translucent, calibrated hopper on model S100
  • Clear drop tube accepts standard flex auger feed delivery tubes on model S110
  • Mechanical feed flow ensures all feed disappearance can be equated to consumption
  • Easily adapts to farrowing stall head-gates with custom-made brackets
Osborne Big Wheel® Sow Feeders
Catalog No.Model No.StyleFeed Capacity*(lbs | kg)Height(in | cm)
FF-00S100S100Calibrated Hopper, Self-Regulating Feed Flow (available with manual adjustment system)43 | 1936.5 | 92.7
FF-00S110S110Clear Drop Tube, Self-Regulating Feed Flow (available with manual adjustment system)11 | 540.5 | 102.9
FF-00S130S130Short Calibrated Hopper, Self-Regulating Feed Flow (available with manual adjustment system)17 | 820.8 | 52.7

*Approximate feed capacity based on feed density of 42 lbs. per cubic foot.



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