Heat Pad Indicator Light

Pig Heat Pads Indicator Lights

The all new Heat Pad Indicator Light provides visual confirmation that your Stanfield® Heat Pads are providing heat for newborn piglets in farrowing or growing pigs in nursery rooms. Our patent-pending Indicator Light eliminates the need for infrared temperature wands or physically inspecting each heat mat to ensure proper operation.

How it Works

Our unique Heat Pad Indicator Light is unlike any other electrical indicator light commercially available. The system features two lights. The bright red LED shows the electrical circuit is functional, while the green LED assures producers that individual heat pads are drawing electricity and providing the heat essential to piglet development. This dual-light system helps producers troubleshoot electrical problems or locate heat mats requiring attention quickly and easily.

The Heat Pad Indicator Light mounts on standard, single-gang electrical boxes. The patent-pending system works on variable voltage systems with consistent brightness of the lights, even when the pig heat mats are running at a lower power. This means that even if the temperature of your heat pads are controlled by a power control, the LED lights consistently remain bright and visible from the aisleway.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides visual confirmation that a Stanfield Heat Pad is providing heat
  • Bright red LED light indicates proper operation of the electrical circuit
  • Bright green LED light indicates a heat mat is drawing power and providing heat
  • Easily installed by a licensed electrician
  • Perfect for new heat mat installations or retrofits
  • Fire-retardant and water-resistant enclosure
  • Patent pending


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